Building Specifications

  • Square Footage: 271,875 SF / 435’W x 625’L

  • Configuration: Cross Dock

  • Floors: Lapidolith concrete hardener sealer and dust proofer shall be placed on the entire slab on grade. 10 mil vapor barrier has been included in slab throughout slab on grade

  • Column Spacing: 53’9”d x 56’3"w with 60’ speed bays

  • Loading Doors: 70 (9’ x 10’) non-insulated, 24 gauge roll formed steel sections (nominal) doors. Each door shall have pairs of Z-Guard Door Protectors and Dock Bumpers. Dock finishes to the tenant’s requirement.  4 drive-in doors (12’ x 14’) insulated, 24 gauge roll formed steal sections (nominal) doors with 4 concrete ramps

  • Truck Court Depth: 210’ total depth, 80’ concrete apron and 130’ heavy duty asphalt, 60’ trailer parking area

  • Parking: Parking for 210 autos in front; 33 trailers

  • Lights: Eighteen (18) – six (6) lamp T-8, 2’ x 4’ fixtures for vacant shell building lighting

  • Electrical: The building shall have one (1) 1,600 amp service.

  • Ceiling Height: 36’ minimum at 1st bay bar joist

  • Sprinkler Type: 100% via an ESFR system with K16.8 sprinkler heads

  • Roofing System: A mechanically attached 0.045 white reinforced TPO membrane, and 0.045 TPO standard wall flashing with (1) layer 4” THK (R-25) of isocyanurate roof insulation. Manufacturer’s fifteen-year labor and material warranty included.

  • HVAC: Nine (9) gas fired 300,000 BTU heaters (freeze protection).  Two (2) HP mounted exhaust fans (additional only as required by building code). Two (2) motorized wall louvers (additional only as required by building code).

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